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Dominant inheritance of field-evolved resistance to Bt maize in Busseola fusca


Date: 05/11/2013


A crucial condition for the ‘high dose/refuge’ strategy to delay the evolution of resistance to Bt crops in pest populations, is that, to be efficient, the inheritance of resistance trait should be functionally recessive. A team of researchers from the Institut de Recherche pour le Dévelopment (IRD, France), ICIPE (Kenya) and North-West University (South Africa) tested the nature (allelic dominance or recessiveness) of the inheritance of the resistance trait. Results show that resistance of B. fusca to Bt corn is dominant, which refutes the hypothesis of recessive inheritance. Survival on Bt corn was not lower than on non-Bt corn for both resistant larvae and the F1 progeny from resistant × susceptible parents. Hence, resistance management strategies of B. fusca to Bt corn must address non-recessive resistance.      

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(IRD, 04/09/2013)

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