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The West Indies Central Sugar Cane Breeding Station (WICSCBS)


Date: 27/01/2014


The West Indies Central Sugar Cane Breeding Station (WICSCBS) based in Barbados, is one of the two oldest  sugar cane breeding institutions in the world (Java being the other one), with a continuous breeding programme since 1888. WICSCBS has well developed physical facilities to carry out sugar cane breeding to support the industries in the member countries. The staff comprises three Senior Scientists - the Director, Plant Breeder and Geneticist; and a junior scientist responsible for Germplasm and Breeding. WICSCBS goal is to breed superior varieties of sugarcane to cater to the needs of the various member countries. The Station has produced several superior varieties of sugarcane that drive the sugar industries of the member countries.  The station has one of the largest sugar cane germplasm collections in the world (over 3000 unique clones) that are maintained on 16 hectares of land. 

Editor’s note – It is interesting to note that despite the success in breeding, the West Indies sugar industry is on the decline.

(WICSCBS, 2013)

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