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Pacific: Ultrafiltration/softening of clarified juice: the door to direct refining and molasses desugarisation in the cane sugar industry

Author: Kwok, R.J.


Date: 05/04/2006


The Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company (HC&S) has been working on "molasses desugarization" to increase sugar recovery in the factory. A new process was developed jointly by Applexion and HC&S called the NAP (New Applexion Process) in which ultrafiltration and softening of clarified juice are incorporated between the clarifier and the evaporator stations. The new system was installed and has been in operation for a full season at the Puunene mill in Hawaii. The new system is described, and the operation and results are presented. A brief review of the potential applications to refining, molasses desugarization, invert sugar purification and alcohol reduction is presented. Author's summary.

In Proceedings-South-African-Sugar-Technologists'-Association, no. 70, p. 166-170


Proceedings South African Sugar Technologists' Association (South Africa) / KIT(A1548)