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Agricultural Genetic Resources - from conservation to sustainable use


Date: 27/01/2014


The European Commission has published a report on ‘Agricultural Genetic Resources - from conservation to sustainable use’ outlining until 2020 the EC’s priority areas of action in the conservation and use of its agricultural biodiversity. The sustainable use of genetic resources would involve breeding activities that focus at farm level on underutilised species, traditional and local breeds and crops and enabling farmers to recover traditional knowledge with the necessary skills and know-how. Research should continue to engage to further harness scientific and technological developments to advance in genomic and phenotypic characterisation, preferably oriented to detect and evaluate relevant traits associated with, such as productivity, robustness, resource utilisation and product quality. The emphasis is put on an integrated and holistic approach, and the crucial role of active networking, and the harmonisation of the diverse data infrastructures.

(European Commission, 28/11/2013)

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