Knowledge for Development

Specialty Crops for Pacific Island Agroforestry


Date: 03/05/2011


This project promotes high quality food, fiber, and healthcare crops grown in diverse agroforestry systems to provide family farms both subsistence and commercial opportunities.

Specialty crops provide a rapidly growing economic opportunity for farmers and gardeners who are interested in diversifying their crops and who are willing to innovate their production methods, post-harvest processing, and marketing.

Farm and Forest Production and Marketing (FFPM) profiles for 32 crops detail essential information for crop development: horticulture and botany; the roles for each crop in mixed-species agroforestry; nutrition and food security; commercial products, product quality standards; location and size of markets; post-harvest processing; opportunities for local value-added processing; and the potential for genetic improvement.

The project supports:

  • integrating trees and crops (agroforestry)
  • commercial and non-commercial plantings of all sizes, including homegardens
  • small-scale commercial operations suitable for small lots
  • local food production for happier and healthier communities
  • traditional crops
  • community food self-reliance.

Project outcomes include increased adoption of specialty crops, micro-enterprise development, local food production, and sustainable multi-crop agroforestry systems, thereby supporting economic and ecological viability of our communities.

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