Knowledge for Development

Governance of science, technology and innovation for food security in Africa: A conceptual framework for developing indicators

Author: John Ouma-Mugabe

Date: 08/03/2015


By John Ouma-Mugabe, Professor Science and Innovation Policy, University of Pretoria, South Africa   

John Mugabe believes that despite the increasing importance of the governance of science, technology and innovation, there are no conceptual tools or empirically tested indicators – quantitative or qualitative – to provide the evidence base given the complexity of science–technology–society interactions. 


For clarity, and to make the distinction between government and governance, Mugabe identifies three key principles that underlie good governance and institutions: participation, accountability and transparency. The rule of law is at the core. Mugabe also distinguishes between politics and policy making and elaborates on two aspects of STI policy making: policy for STI (e.g. funding, and the pursuit, application, diffusion and adoption of knowledge) and STI for policy (use, organization and application of knowledge to improve decision making). Mugabe proposes a framework as well as indicator areas for the three elements of good governance and recommends that the framework be tested through a series of case studies.   

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