Knowledge for Development

Building synergies between science and indigenous knowledge


Date: 27/02/2014


Charged with determining a conceptual framework and initial work programme for the UN's new Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), some of the Platform's delegates met in Turkey on 9–14 December 2013 to discuss scientific knowledge co-production with indigenous peoples. The report of that meeting, The Contribution of Indigenous and Local Knowledge Systems to IPBES: Building Synergies with Science, emphasises that the IPBES conceptual framework must accommodate indigenous and local knowledge and world views to complement science-based representations. Building synergies between science and indigenous knowledge should catalyse the generation of new knowledge and better inform policy making.     

Additional resource: Old knowledge and new science: using traditional knowledge in CGIAR research (15/01/2014)    

(EurekAlert, 08/12/2013)    

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