Knowledge for Development

Nanotechnology - new dossier

Date: 29/04/2008


Science technology and innovation at the nano-scale (STI-NANO) is being positioned as the new frontier for driving industrial expansion and providing answers to societies’ problems. This folder presents an overview of the development trends and potential of STI-NANO and examines the implications for ACP countries – more specifically with regard to agriculture and medicine. Prof. Ishenkumba Kahwa, professor of Supramolecular Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of the West Indies presents the opportunities and reviews the prospects and challenges for ACP countries. He presents the market potential and global efforts to take advantage of the new technology to provide competitive advantage for several developed and developing countries. He also cautions of the need to address safety and ethical issues to respond to consumer concerns. In his lead article, Dr. Anane-Fenin from the department of Physics at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana pleas for ACP countries to gain access to nanotechnology facilities and instrumentation for researchers both in academia and industry. Both lead articles discuss the potential of STI for ACP countries and the need for ACP countries to invest in STI-NANO research and development and build alliances; south-south, south-north and south-north-south development strategies’ to ensure that they contribute to the evolving knowledge pool and using science for socio-economic development. Links to related websites and publications complement the lead articles and provide interesting background information in this challenging field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Visit the new dossier .