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EDES, or how to boost food safety in ACP countries


Date: 03/05/2011


EDES is an ACP-EU programme funded by the 9th European Development Fund. It involves nine partners from France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Denmark, and is working within a global framework of support of poverty alleviation through economic development. CIRAD is coordinating the programme's training component.

"Starting in 2011, we will be training 6000 people in the concept of food safety, in more than 35 countries " says Didier Montet, coordinator of the team of twelve CIRAD researchers working on the project. "We will be beginning in April with a course for ACP training staff. Some 20% of the work will be done in the private sector ".

The aim is to improve the food safety of ACP foodstuffs exported to Europe. Such goods must comply with regulation 882/2004, which means bringing all these food products into line with European regulatory systems. The aim is to alleviate poverty in ACP countries by maintaining their access to the European, and also the local and regional, market.

Specific modules have been developed for the following training sessions :

  • food safety governance
  • official controls
  • good practice in international trade
  • launch and monitoring of official control laboratories
  • risk analysis and management
  • communication on risks.


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