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How the future demand for food should be met


Date: 31/07/2013


Two recent working papers by the World Resources Institute (WRI) are the first in a new series leading to the World Resources Report 2013-14: Creating a Sustainable Food Future. One paper, ‘The great balancing act’ assesses the scope of the challenge posed by the need to feed a growing population in the near-future while reducing pressure on the environment. Priorities and solutions must focus on poverty alleviation, gender, ecosystems, climate and water, it argues. Another paper, ‘Reducing food loss and waste’, explains how efforts to reduce postharvest losses and waste perform against each of the sustainable food future criteria. It offers a thorough overview of waste and loss problems and severity and it describes how changes at the level of the value chain – some still to be researched and put into practice – can create immediate benefits to society and the environment.

(WRI, 01/07/2013)

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