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Travesty of poor refrigeration in developing countries


Date: 27/11/2014


Around a quarter of total food wastage in developing countries could be eliminated if these countries adopted the same level of refrigeration equipment as that in developed economies according to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), London, UK. Establishing a continuous chain of temperature-controlled cold environments from the point of harvest to the marketplace and on into the home – a ‘cold chain’ – is required. The challenge for the engineering profession is to do this in a way which minimises food wastage, is sustainable and avoids harmful emissions and air pollutants. In summary, engineers need to help establish sustainable and resilient infrastructure, fit for purpose in the local context. Two elements are important; firstly, projects need to be affordable; secondly they must be safe, reliable, easy to build, operate and maintain.   

(FoodProduction, 30/06/2014)

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