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Africa: Use of GPS and GIS software to assess seasonal home gardening area variations in the Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso, urban setting)

Author: Cisse, G.; Odermatt, P.; Tanner, M.; Maystre, L.Y.

Date: 28/06/2006


A cartographic assessment of seasonal variations in the size of home gardens was conducted in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, during 1995-1996. Data were collected using GPS (global positioning system) and analysed with GIS (geographical information system) software. It appeared that at least 48 sites in the city are utilized permanently or occasionally during the year for urban home gardening. Some sites disappear during the dry season and reappear during the rainy or cool season. There were 39 sites in April 1995 (dry season), only 15 sites in August 1995 (rainy season), 41 sites in Dec. 1995 (cool season), and then 32 sites in April 1996 (dry season). The home gardening area peaked in Dec. (approximately 175 ha), in the middle of the cool season. Thematic maps highlight the home gardening area at different sites on a seasonal basis. It is recommended to take measures for the preservation of horticulture in the urban environment. From authors' summary.



Jun 1999
Secheresse (France), v. 10(2) p. 123-128 / KIT(E3174)