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The Integrated seed sector development (ISSD) Ethiopia programme


Date: 28/03/2014


This is the website of the Integrated seed sector development (ISSD) Ethiopia programme, an initiative implemented by Bahir Dar University, Haramaya University, Hawassa University, Mekelle University and Oromia Seed Enterprise, with a technical support from Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (CDI). The ISSD programme is strengthening the development and operation of regional, national and international seed companies; consolidating and scaling up of local seed businesses (i.e. seed producer cooperatives); promoting partnerships and innovations; and supporting the development of enabling policies and institutions as well as by sharing knowledge and experiences learnt by using multiple communication channels. The Programme Management Unit of ISSD is hosted by Haramaya University and located in Addis Ababa. Thematic research areas include: Effect of quality seed on crop productivity; Seed treatment; marketing  approaches; delivery mechanisms; varietal replacement; early generation supply; storage conditions.   

A similar project was started in Tanzania and Mozambique. See (24/02/2014):   

(ISSD Ethiopia, 2014)

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