Knowledge for Development

Research on satellite imagery aims to advance sustainable agriculture


Date: 30/08/2011


The excessive use of irrigation water has resulted in serious environmental concerns in many dry-land countries, where rising demand has deteriorated groundwater resources, depleted aquifers, and accelerated saltwater intrusion. Scientists in Spain are working on new technologies to classify and monitor irrigated crops with a goal of promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The field studies the researchers designed were to evaluate the potential of multispectral reflectance and seven vegetation indices in the visible and near-infrared spectral range for discriminating and classifying bare soil and several horticultural irrigated crops. The research is the first step of a broader project with the overall goal of using satellite imagery with high spatial and multispectral resolutions for mapping irrigated crops. (American Society for Horticultural Science via Physorg, 1/4/2011)

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