Knowledge for Development

New Pathways to Innovation


Date: 13/05/2014


This publication by Convergence of Sciences (CoS) documents some of the outcomes of its programme Strengthening agricultural innovations systems (SIS) in Benin, Ghana and Mali and its approaches and methods in enabling successful sustainable business opportunities for smallholders. Rather than focusing on technical innovations, CoS-SIS helps national, sub-regional and African agricultural research organisations, NGOs, universities and other public and private sector agencies, to strengthen and harmonise their programmes by identifying ‘scientific’ synergies. Most notably, CoS-SIS supports university curriculum development and informs decision makers at district and national levels about ways to encourage smallholder innovation. The bilingual booklet details such efforts in sectors like cotton, rice, shea butter, palm oil, cocoa, crop-livestock systems, and water management.  

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(CoS-SIS, 2013)