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Pacific: Coconut-based Farming Systems in the Pacific


Date: 28/06/2006


Chapter 12 of Modern Coconut Management; palm cultivation and products which was written by Ohler J.G. and of which the EcoPort version was made by Peter Griffee describes coconut-based farming system (CBFS) practised by coconut growing traditional farmers.

Farming systems are fundamental to agriculture. All farmers practise some kind of system where inputs and associated materials are transformed into output. A farming system is an interactive practice involving inputs and the environment in which crops and livestock are produced. The production alternatives can take the form of a single intercrop, a mixture of crops, or a crop/livestock combination which are compatible with each other and other environmental factors. One of the most common farming systems practised by coconut growing traditional farmers is the coconut-based farming system (CBFS). This is a multiple cropping or crop/livestock production system aimed at maximizing and/or complementing the benefits that can be derived from land under coconut.

(Author: Fred Opio)

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