Knowledge for Development

Research and innovation for sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security


Date: 31/12/2014


DG-DEVCO’s of the European Commission is reconsidering its approach to agricultural research for development (AR4D) in the context of current policy priorities on sustainable agriculture, nutrition and resilience and how it is positioned within the European and global agenda to achieve maximum impact. There are four main pillars:

  • Ensuring the success of global and regional AR4D initiatives, building on existing AR4D initiatives and African research organisations supporting the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process;
  • Improving European leadership, coordination and influence, in particular complementing the Horizon 2020 programme of Directorate General Research and Innovation (DG RTD);.
  • Exploring new strategic directions to put research into use and achieve impact, particularly on innovation and value chains, and
  • Ensuring that AR4D delivers impact at country and local level.

(EuropeAid, 11/10/2014)

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