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EC report: Implementing EU food and nutrition security policy commitments


Date: 22/02/2015


In December 2014, the European Commission presented the First joint EU–Member States report on the implementation of the EU’s food and nutrition security policy commitments to the European Parliament. It presents an analysis of EU donors' alignment with the six priorities of the implementation plan: (i) improve smallholder resilience and rural livelihoods; (ii) support effective governance; (iii) strengthen social protection mechanisms for food and nutrition security; (iv) enhance nutrition; and (v) enhance coordination of humanitarian development actors to increase resilience.  The analysis concludes that with almost EUR 3.4 billion spent in more than 115 countries by the EU donors in 2012 alone, food and nutrition security is important both in terms of share of total development assistance and in geographical coverage. In particular, food insecure states in Sub-Saharan Africa receive substantial support. The interventions principally focused on improving smallholder resilience and rural livelihoods (priority 1 | 60 %), followed by enhancing nutrition (priority 5 | 14 %) and supporting effective governance (priority 2 | 12%). The review further concluded that demand-led research, extension and innovation needed more attention, both in terms of increased investments in accordance with 2010 commitments and, in particular, to ensure the translation of results into action on the ground so as to maximise impact and that EU donors’ coordination at country level should move beyond information sharing.    

(EuropeAid, 02/12/2014)  

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