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Mapping of best practice regional and multi-country cooperative STI initiatives between Africa and Europe


Date: 28/02/2014


The Africa-EU High-Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on STI commissioned this study to assess existing bi-regional STI cooperation initiatives and to identify successful, best practice models of Africa and Europe cooperation. This study also identified gaps and effective financial mechanisms that could have a positive impact cooperative initiatives. In terms of collaboration, financing, and private sector participation, the report notes that the current funding landscape is rather dependent on European and on international instruments, weakening the potential of genuine co-ownership. Promising co-financing models for common research priorities are being piloted (notably by the ERAfrica consortium,  The report argues that joint funding, strong leadership and effective governance; clarity and understanding of joint objectives; strong interpersonal relations, equitable resource and benefits sharing, full transparency and open communication all build create mutual trust and foster co-ownership as necessary conditions for optimal efficiency. Other topics addressed by the study include: impact, success criteria, gaps, barriers and challenges.    

(via CAAST-Net Plus, 19/12/2013)

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