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North-South research cooperation

Author: Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Date: 28/07/2008


The central challenge of the conference was to chart the pros and cons of the various North-South research co-ordination models, from the perspective of the various stakeholders with the aim to make the objectives and interests of the various stakeholders clear to each other. Such clarity is of crucial importance to not only building trust among research partners but to also clarifying roles of the different funding agencies. Different objectives of North-South research and different models of interaction between Northern and Southern scientists were discussed. With regard to models of interaction, five models were presented, ranging from (1) Southern participation in research initiated, designed, managed, implemented and financed by Northern partners on one end of the spectrum to (5) research fully financed by the North and with agenda setting and implementation fully left to the South, on the other end.

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Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

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