Knowledge for Development


Developing World Bioethics

Developing World Bioethics provides case studies, teaching materials, news in brief, and legal backgrounds to bioethics scholars and students in developing and developed countries alike. This companion journal to Bioethics features peer-reviewed original articles. It is the only journal in the field dedicated exclusively to developing countries' bioethics issues.


Ethics in Food and Agriculture

FAO has designated "Ethics in Food and Agriculture" as a Priority Area for Interdisciplinary Action, and established an internal Committee on Ethics in Food and Agriculture to guide the Organization's actions in this regard. A new publication series, the FAO Ethics Series, has been launched; titles in this series include: Ethical issues in Food and Agriculture; Genetically modified organisms, consumers, food safety and the environment; The ethics of sustainable agricultural intensification; and, Ethical issues in fisheries.


Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property

The CAS mission is to assist the Alliance Centres of the CGIAR, their partners and the CGIAR System as a whole in a comprehensive approach to the management of intellectual assets, as public goods. To do this transactional support, capacity building and facilitation of the sharing of experiences across the Centres are provided. This mission implies the full spectrum of product development, distribution and effective use in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. The overall goal/vision of CAS-IP is to enable access and use of CGIAR products for the benefit of the poor through effective IP and technology transfer management.


Patent Lens

Patent Lens is a worldwide, open-access, free patent informatics resource. The Patent Lens informatics tools can assist the user to determine the boundaries of intellectual property constraints on deliverable innovations, and usable building blocks for future innovations. Patent Lens offers free full-text worldwide patent searching, covering more than 8,634,000 patent documents.