Knowledge for Development

Future-proofing water, agriculture, and food security in an era of climate uncertainty


Date: 27/02/2014


In this report Peter McCornick and his team at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) synthesize years of IWMI research. They argue that while the exact impact of climate change on water resources requires ongoing research, the development of more resilient food production systems based on smarter water use is the most robust response. They detail a range of options for governments and communities to 'future-proof' food production, which, if combined, could significantly improve the use of water in agriculture. These range from small-scale methods for storing rainwater on-farm and using it more efficiently to large infrastructure investments, such as dam and reservoir construction. Underground water storage to capture floodwater is highlighted as one promising new avenue of research.    

(Ecoticias, 15/11/2013)    

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