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Pacific: Pacific 2020 Background Paper: Agriculture

Author: Andrew McGregor

Date: 28/06/2006


This paper offers projections of likely best and worst case scenarios for the agricultural sectors of the Pacific island countries in the year 2020. A discussion is then made of possible strategies to help achieve the projected best case scenario. This is followed by a number of recommendations for policy action.

Rural people could improve their livelihoods by taking advantage of identified agricultural opportunities:  enhancing household self-sufficiency; supplying growing urban, rural and tourism markets; increasing traditional tree crop exports; exporting to Pacific island and Asian communities; and, exporting new horticultural and spice products in which they have a comparative advantage. A key role for agricultural policy is to empower people to take advantage of agricultural opportunities. Such empowerment requires policymakers and donors to Develop agricultural opportunities and Empower people. Such empowerment requires policymakers and donors to recognize small-scale farmers as part of the private sector. There is a need to build public and private sector partnerships that accept that agricultural development is led by the private sector, with government playing a facilitating role.

  Pacific 2020 Background Paper: Agriculture


January 2006
Commonwealth of Australia 2006