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The State of Food and Agriculture 2014: 'Innovation in family farming'


Date: 31/12/2014


Family farms must be supported to innovate in ways that promote sustainable intensification of production. This is according to the report The State of Food and Agriculture 2014: Innovation in family farming which analyses family farms and the role of innovation in ensuring global food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. Innovation is considered to be a process through which farmers improve their production and farm management practices. Key messages point to the need for (i) innovation systems to include the extreme diversity of family farms and embrace environmental and institutional complexity of; (ii) an enabling environment for innovation, including good governance, stable macroeconomic conditions, transparent legal and regulatory regimes, secure property rights, risk management tools and market infrastructure; (iii) an increase in public investment in agricultural R&D and extension and advisory services.   

(FAO, 16/10/2014)

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