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Apps4Africa Climate Challenge sees youthful innovation


Date: 14/03/2012


Rural farming communities and those whose livelihoods are directly impacted by climate change can benefit greatly from better use of ICTs in alleviating poverty and finding ways to farm sustainably. In this regard, developers and entrepreneurs across the Continent have been working on mobile and computer-based systems which would help tackle climate change in creative ways. This creativity was rewarded by the US Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs in the Apps4Africa Climate Challenge. Announced in January 2012, the first place in the challenge went to ‘The Grainy Bunch’ app, made by 29-year-old Eric Mutta of Tanzania. The Grainy Bunch is a national (Tanzania) grain supply chain management system that monitors the purchase, storage, distribution, and consumption of grain across the entire nation. It was developed with the understanding that selling ‘the effects of efficiency’ to actors in the grain supply chain is much easier than selling ‘the effects of climate change’.