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The Vision for a LifeWatch ICT Infrastructure


Date: 11/01/2011


Title: The Vision for a LifeWatch ICT Infrastructure Author: A. Hardisty, J. Giddy, V. Hernandez-Ernst, A. Poigné, H. Voss, A. Voss, W. Berendsohn and M. Gebhardt Source: e-Biosphere ‘09Date 2009

The LifeWatch ICT infrastructure is envisioned as a network of services providing secure access to biodiversity and related data and to analytical and modelling tools by individual and collaborative groups of researchers. The system combines the ideas of Open Distributed Processing, Spatial Data Infrastructures and Grid Computing to allow scientists to create collaborative virtual laboratories across multiple organisations. While the emphasis will be on the open sharing of data and workflows (and associated provenance information) with others, users will be able to control access where necessary.