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Tussock Grassland Management Information System

This site provides information about the ecology and management of the tussock grasslands of New Zealand. It seeks to bring information from many different sources together into one place for easy access by land managers, policy makers, researchers and other interest groups. Site maintenance and updating is provided through the FRST-funded research programme "Restoring Indigenous Biodiversity in Human Landscapes".


Iowa State Entomology Index

This website presents a systematic and exhaustive list of resources for Integrated Pest Management. The links cover the whole world and include: courses on entomology, pest research and pest management, news on current pests, experiences and best practices.


Oklahoma State University portal on agriculture and rural development

This portal presents a large number of (mostly US) links on a variety of subjects in agriculture and rural development. Although the list apparently no longer is maintained, it may still provide useful information. The links include: Universities and university departments, research centres, NGO?s, journals and newsletters, professional organisations, funding programmes, market news, media, weather and museums.


Agricultural Information System, China

The Chinese Centre of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) has developed an Agricultural Information System. The website provides information to agricultural management aimed at supporting efficient production of agricultural products utilizing advanced information technology and information on production status for the agricultural product market in a timely fashion. The site is divided into two subsystems: the agricultural production information subsystem.


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