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Innovative fish trap design reduces by-catch


Date: 28/02/2012


A WCS (World Conservation Society ) marine project to reduce by-catch in Kenya and Curacao through a low-cost, low-tech fish trap design has won top honour in a contest sponsored by Rare, in partnership with National Geographic.

The contest, ‘Solution Search: Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries’, promotes fish traps with rectangular gaps that permit small, juvenile fish to escape. The wining project entitled ‘Bycatch Escape Gaps for Fish Traps’, reduces by-catch by 80 percent. It offers coastal fishers a low-cost, low-tech means of maintaining sustainable fisheries in coastal East Africa, the Caribbean, and other regions using traditional fish traps. Solutions submitted for the contest included the implementation of no-take zones, introduction of innovative fishing gear and the development of alternative livelihoods.

(WCS via Mongabay, 11/01/2011)

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