Knowledge for Development

Unlocking the potential for integrated agricultural research for development in the savannah of West Africa


Date: 21/07/2014


This book documents proof that Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) works. FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research for Development in Africa) developed this concept to overcome the low adoption of agricultural research outputs by farmers leading to limited impact of agricultural research in Africa. The research coordinated by FARA under the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Programme (SSA CP) has established that IAR4D delivers more benefits (income and food security) than the conventional research-to-development approach. The superior performance of IAR4D is mainly attributed to stronger linkages and interactions among agricultural value-chain actors from commencement of the research onwards. As a framework for implementation, IAR4D uses the Innovation Platform, an inclusive physical or virtual forum that brings together all possible actors along the agricultural value-chain for a commodity or agricultural system of focus.   

(PAEPARD, 24/06/2014)

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