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Prolinnova policy brief: Strengthening local resilience to climate change


Date: 28/09/2011


The latest (June 2011) policy brief from Prolinnova reports on the organisation’s investigative work on how poor rural communities develop innovations that enables a stronger resilience to changes in climates patterns. This brief focuses on community-based adaptation to climate change, and the means needed to recognize and document local innovation. A number of example from the field help illustrate Prolinnova’s research (20082011) into the innovation and creativity processes appearing in local communities that face uncertainty and hardship due to climate-related environmental change. At a moment in time where food security and climate change are at the top of the agenda, Prolinnova has made three detailed recommendations to help policy makers integrate local innovation in the climate sensitive agricultural programmes they are currently developing:

  • Give local innovation due recognition in policy and planning,
  • Promote farmer led adaptation to climate change, and
  • Link Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) to local governance and innovation.
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