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South Africa launches its indigenous knowledge recording system


Date: 31/07/2013


The National Recordal System (NRS) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa will protect, preserve, promote and responsibly exploit South Africa's  indigenous knowledge systems (IKS).  The NRS will document and record IK through the National Indigenous Knowledge Management System (NIKMAS) information and communication  technology platform. It will record African IK in its original oral format, linking it to a complex metadata schema to provide the necessary mechanisms for both positive and defensive (legal)  protection. At present, Riëtte Pretorius, project manager at CSIR, says the system supports IK on African traditional medicine and indigenous foods, and at a later stage could include arts,  crafts and farming practices. The training of community workers is already taking place and documentation centres are being built across the country.     

(CSIR, 18/06/2013)

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