Knowledge for Development

Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CABI International)


Date: 27/12/2004


CABI is an international technical agency, owned by its 40 Member Countries, that supports the generation, access to and use of knowledge for sustainable agriculture, environmental management and human development. CABI operates through partnerships with agencies in its Member Countries, and through its regional centres, on a not-for-profit full cost recovery basis. CABI works through externally-funded programmes, in partnership with donor agencies, commercial companies and charitable trusts to help deliver national development objectives. To ensure the sustainability of impacts, CABI has developed new models by which intellectual property and the benefits of programmes can be equitably distributed to ensure access for the poorest, benefit to all parties concerned and financial sustainability of programmes after funding has ceased. Examples include: novel consortia of national and international institutions, private companies and development assistance agencies in the development of information compendia, and the development of biopesticides through innovative public-private partnerships, whereby product revenues are returned to a trust fund supporting research and capacity building in the countries of origin.

The CABI Bioscience Reference Collections contain over 500,000 specimens of fungi, bacteria and nematodes from over 140 countries. Living and preserved specimens are conserved using state-of-the-art preservation technologies and maintained to the highest quality standards. The collections are a living, working resource, providing reference standards and test strains for research and teaching in medicine, agriculture and commerce.

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