Knowledge for Development

Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA)


Date: 23/02/2011


PIIPA was the first and is the global leader in providing pro bono IP services to developing countries. Despite the growing debate about the complex global role of intellectual property over the past decade, and the diversity of policy initiatives and academic studies spawned by (and contributing to) this debate, little has been done to meet the practical demands of developing countries and public interest organizations for access to intellectual property expertise on a case-by-case basis.

PIIPA was established as an independent international service and referral organization that can help fill the need for assistance by making the know-how of intellectual property professionals available to developing countries. PIIPA’s services are practical, not policy-oriented.

PIIPA’s goal is to provide balance and information that may help harness the power of informed debate to solve problems, and combat the fear and ignorance that make solutions impossible and lead to protracted disputes. PIIPA’s beneficiaries are finding new ways to solve problems in such contentious and difficult fields as traditional knowledge, biodiversity, health, and agriculture.

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