Knowledge for Development

Farmers’ responses to climate change in northern and central areas of Côte d'Ivoire


Date: 20/09/2013


This thesis by Hermann Comoé submitted to ETH Zurich investigates Côte d'Ivoire’s farmers’ perception of climate change, their decision behaviour regarding  adaptation, the social institutional context surrounding farmers in relation to climate change adaptation. Findings show farmers have perceived the impacts of climate  change on their local environment through evidence such as the disappearance of certain farming practices, the occurrence of new insects, and the disruption of key  time reference periods. The main adaptation strategies reported were the adjustment of the agricultural calendar to profit from the favourable periods for the farming  season, the adoption of new short-cycle varieties, and the mixed cropping technique. Recommendations for appropriate knowledge transfer are based on a study of  the social networks of actors surrounding farmers: one network was highly dependent on one major actor - the national extension service; the other network relied on  a group of diverse actors including NGOs and inter-professional associations.   

(via SFIAR, 10/09/2013)

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