Knowledge for Development

PARD worldwide

GTZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit

GTZ finds its general principles for promoting agricultural innovations in better linking the demand for innovation services with the supply side. Strategies to promote such innovations can and have to be tailored to the particular constraints identified in the respective commodity (sub)sector


IIRR - International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

IIRR is a rural development organization with 80 years experience, working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It promotes people-centred development through capacity building for poor people and their communities, development organizations and agencies


KIT - Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

The KIT aims to provide comprehensive services related to globalization, international cooperation and cultural diversity. Demand-driven development is one of the areas KIT is involved in. Especially the department of Sustainable Economic Development aims to develop knowledge and skills at the local level so that decentralized governance will be both sustainable and successful.



Prolinnova stands for PROmoting Local INNOVAtion and the organisation?s website is a first attempt to develop an e-platform for exchanging information and experiences about how to promote local innovation.


SNV Netherlands development organisation

SNV is a multicultural development agency based in the Netherlands. SNV' is in the business of providing demand oriented capacity building support to meso-level organisations and local capacity builders with the aim of improving governance and reducing poverty