Knowledge for Development

The role of international partnerships post-2015


Date: 10/04/2014


Hala Sabri, a woman scientist and member of the international office at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Pakistan, discusses the post-2015 development agenda and reflects on the role international collaboration could play in developing the 'new' MDGs. According to Sabri, meaningful international partnerships should bring together governments, institutions, aid agencies and industries to rally around specific local development issues, and work on an even footing introduce change locally by building on existing structures and community initiatives. Multinational partnerships are drivers of change: they permit the transfer of knowledge and with, for example, regional centre of expertise, they facilitate the adaptation of knowledge and technologies to local challenges. Sabri believes international partnerships are especially relevant in sharing successful technological developments across regions, given that the relationship is based on equal footing, i.e. the partnerships' beneficiaries have the liberty to reflect upon and transform successful technologies to their reality.   

(University World News, 09/03/2014)