Knowledge for Development

Fostering South-South research collaborations


Date: 30/04/2014


Authors:          Osama, A.   

Publication:     The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. Issues In Brief, 2    

Date:                2008   

Developing country science capacity can be enhanced through (a) the exchange of scientific knowledge and best practices through the circulation of scientific talent (for example, through international fellowships and exchange programmes) and (b) international collaboration between researchers and institutions across countries. While most such collaborations are North-South collaborations, South-South collaborations are often overlooked. The latter, which have only recently begun to emerge, can be equally fruitful avenues for scientific capacity building in the South. This paper looks at the current state of South-South research collaborations and develops a rationale for a more systematic and multilateral approach to pursuing such efforts.   

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