Knowledge for Development

North-South and South-South research collaboration: what differences does it make for developing countries? – the case of Colombia


Date: 30/04/2014


Authors:          Ordóñez-Matamoros, G., Cozzens, S.E. and García-Luque, M.   

Publication:     Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy, 15-17 Sept. 2011    

Date:                2011   

The way research collaboration (RC) affects local scientific and technological capabilities when it involves scientists and engineers working in developing countries is little understood. This research assesses empirically the specific and distinctive effects of geographical localisation of the partners and explores the effects of collaboration with different types of partners on the performance of research teams working in Colombia. It explores the performance of 1889 research teams and the effects attributable to partners from northern and southern countries involved in hosting foreign researchers and working with foreign funding. Teams collaborating with partners from the South report higher scientific production, while those collaborating with northern countries contribute the most to development of local scientific knowledge.    

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