Knowledge for Development

The Impact of Collaboration on Europe's Scientific and Technological Performance


Date: 30/04/2014


Authors:          Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovation Research, Idea Consult, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK   

Publication:     Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe, Germany, Idea Consult, Brussels, Belgium, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK   

Date:                2009  

The literature review showed that co-publications and co-patents are relevant proxies for international collaboration. The absolute numbers as well as the shares in relation to the totals of international co-publications have considerably increased since the 1990s. Extra-EU co-publications increased even faster than intra-EU collaborations. Smaller countries tend to collaborate more often and New Member States reach higher shares of collaborative articles. Collaboration intensities are higher in more basic research fields. Publications in fields of traditional European strengths seem to be less frequently co-authored than fields of relative weakness. This finding gives back-up to the finding in the literature that collaborations are knowledge- and resource-seeking driven.  

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