Knowledge for Development

The changing approach towards developing countries in international STI cooperation


Date: 30/04/2014


Authors:          Steinz, H.   

Publication:     Master Thesis, University of Utrecht, Netherlands   

Date:                2012   

Science technology and innovation (STI) international research cooperation (IRC) used to be regarded as a knowledge flow from North to South. This study examined the change in the Dutch researcher and policy approach to STI cooperation with developing countries. A literature review and case studies indicated a changing approach. At the Dutch policy level there is a clear tendency towards Top Sector policy, with a focus on the Dutch benefits of the cooperation and private party participation. At the researcher level the changes in approach are more dependent on the development of the partner country. Over the years 2000-2012, Indonesia and China have gone through significant economical and scientific developments, making capacity building less relevant and flows of funding more even, and that cooperation is more equal as perceived by Dutch researchers. As Africa remains less developed, cooperation with African partners is still characterised by inequalities in capacities, resources and funding.