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Sustainable intensification in agriculture: premises and policies


Date: 31/07/2013


The Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, UK, have jointly published a report entitled: Sustainable intensification in agriculture.  Navigating a course through competing food system priorities. Based on discussions held at a workshop in 2012, the report tries to map the concepts behind the idea of ‘sustainable  intensification’ (SI) and to identify areas where further work is needed. Ultimately, the report argues the case for a more ‘systems’ oriented approach to decision making. Following the  release of the report, around 30 experts in this field, from academic, governmental, NGO and industrial organisations, were asked to give their comments on the report. More recently, a  paper was published on the subject.

(FCRN and Future of Food, 04/07/2013)

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