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Hazardous Harvest: Genetically Modified Crops in South Africa, 2008-2012


Date: 04/06/2012


This publication by the African Centre for Biosafety, an advocacy and research group, provides a comprehensive update of the situation with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in South Africa. Since the group’s last South African update, published in 2008, on genetically modified crops and the transnational companies that control the technology, GMOs have become more entrenched in the country’s agricultural landscape. Over three quarters of South Africa’s maize is now GM, Roundup Ready soybean cultivation has increased nearly fourfold. If Pioneer Hi-Bred’s acquisition of Pannar seed is accepted, the Centre believes that the country will relinquish all control over its seed system to two US-based multinational corporations. The Centre has recent publication documenting the country’s seed system and also its biofuels programme. (ACB; 15/5/2012)

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