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FAO on energy-smart food systems: Issue Paper and Policy brief


Date: 09/03/2012


The Issue paper is aimed at discussing how the entire food sector, from the farmer’s field to the consumer’s plate, can become more ‘energy-smart’. Implying the requirement of transformation along the food chain involves: (i) relying more on low-carbon energy systems and using energy more efficiently; (ii) strengthening the role of renewable energy within food systems; (iii) providing greater access to modern energy services for development, and at the same time supporting the achievement of national food security and sustainable development goals. The paper provides examples of energy-smart practices for both small-and large-scale enterprises and covers the entire food sector.

The approach used to develop this system is based on three pillars (i) providing energy access for all; (ii) improving energy efficiency at all stages of the food supply chain; and (iii) substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy systems in the food sector. The issue paper presents data analysis results for reducing the dependence on fossil fuel in agriculture and serves as support document for designing energy-smart agricultural policies. Get the related policy brief.

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