Knowledge for Development


Is the innovation systems approach the answer to inclusive development?

A new CTA publication Innovation systems: Towards effective strategies in support of smallholder farmers jointly produced with Wageningen University and Research / Convergence of Sciences: Strengthening Innovation Systems (WUR/CoS-SIS) details the latest knowledge on and lessons learned in applying the innovation systems (IS) approach to agricultural and rural development (ARD) in developing countries.


S&T Policy

This set of dossiers is intended to enable the ACP community of scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders in the agricultural and related sectors and disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences in order to enhance national and regional policy dialogue to support informed policy formulation and implementation.


S&T Issues

Science, technology and innovation are essential for economic development and new scientific discoveries and technologies could provide countries with a competitive advantage and address some major problems (such as improved varieties of plants resistant to pests and diseases). This set of dossiers highlights differing viewpoints and perceptions of the potential risks involved in adopting various new technologies in a number of specific fields.



The ACP Group of States need to adjust the approach to agricultural production, marketing and distribution to be able to compete in national, regional and international markets. Traditional commodities such as banana, coffee and sugar are no longer assured of guaranteed prices and ready access to international markets. How then should the ACP region respond? Commodities, traditionally considered as food security crops are now being looked at in a different light. Can scientists assist the countries in making informed decisions to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, quality and competitiveness?As ACP countries strive to improve its agricultural performance for achieving food security and market competitiveness, its scientific community must provide the leadership to identify alternatives either through bringing about improvements in existing products across the production, marketing and consumption chain or developing new products that are desirable in the market place. This folder examines the scientific trends across the production to consumption chain for the major commodities in the ACP region( including banana, cassava, cocoa and sugar). It seeks to demonstrate to ACP countries that opportunities exist for innovation to transform the profiles of these commodities and contribute to social and economic development in the ACP region.