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Fellowships, grants & calls

Call for articles: Agricultural biodiversity - Breaking the barriers

Call for articles: Agricultural biodiversity - Breaking the barriers   Deadline: 01 December 2013 


Leverhulme-Royal Society Africa Award

Leverhulme-Royal Society Africa Award   Deadline: 15 January 2014 


DFID, ACU and AAS launch climate impacts research capacity building programme in Africa

Call will be issued on 30 September 2013.   The focus of a 5-year climate impact research capacity building programme for sub-Saharan Africa called ‘Climate Impacts Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE)’ will be to enhance the research skills of African scientists  through experiential learning by doing research that offer solutions to the impacts of climate change at local, national and regional levels. Successful candidates will be supported and mentored by a combination of African and international  researchers to define researchable climate impact research questions in consultation with relevant public interest groups.


Call for case study proposals - Innovations in linking sustainable agricultural practices with markets

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is launching a call for proposals to conduct case studies on innovative approaches (public, private and/or civil society) designed to link sustainable crop production practices with local markets for sustainable products in developing countries.


Programme for Emerging Agricultural Research Leaders

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seeks proposals for agricultural research with the potential to increase the sustainable productivity of smallholder farmers in developing countries. With this  call, it is looking for projects led by MSc and PhD scientists at national agricultural research institutions and universities in sub-Saharan Africa, working in collaboration with other researchers  internationally (either within Africa or beyond the continent).


TWAS-Icipe Postgraduate Fellowships Programme

The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe), Nairobi, Kenya, and TWAS offer three fellowships per year to young scientists from developing countries (other than Kenya) who wish to undertake their PhD studies in Kenya. 


On-the-Job Research Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Countries (OJCB)

UNU-ISP will support capacity building projects proposed and implemented by leading scientists (host scientists) who are engaged in research related to sustainable agriculture (including  forestry and fisheries) in developing countries, under the responsibility of a host institution. The programme mainly consists of capacity building through on-the-job training (OJT) for young  researchers in developing countries (trainees). 


Call for proposals: Innovations in agricultural and food systems

The Swiss programme for Research on Global Issues for Development (R4D programme) is looking to expand into the following topics: 1) sustainability of agricultural and food systems,  natural resources and resilience; 2) agricultural innovation, extension and research into use; 3) governance and policies for the future world food system. The pre-proposal should provide an  outline of the planned research project and has to cover the entire period of six years with more details of the planned activities for the first three year period.


Ideas competition: ‘Fight Food Losses and Food Waste’

The Swiss National FAO Committee has launched a student competition aiming to develop innovative ideas on how to fight food waste in Switzerland and postharvest losses in developing  countries. The best ideas will be awarded at a public event on the eve of World Food Day 2013.


International symposium on the valorisation of research results and innovations (2nd annoucement)

Dates: 24-27 September 2013  Venue: Joly Hotel, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso  Deadline for submission of abstracts: 28 July 2013  


AgriTT Research Challenge Fund

AgriTT Research Challenge FundDeadline: 28 June 2013


PhD scholarships in rice value chain research

PhD scholarships in rice value chain researchDeadline: 31 July 2013


PhD scholarship in coffee systems research

PhD scholarship in coffee systems researchDeadline: 15 July 2013


PhD scholarship in cocoa systems research

 PhD scholarship in cocoa systems researchDeadline: 15 July 2013


Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo fellowship 2013

Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo fellowship 2013Deadline: 15 July 2013


Call for strengthening the science collaboration with developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, Latin America and the Caribbean

Call for strengthening the science collaboration with developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, Latin America and the CaribbeanDeadline: 31 July 2013It is published by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The thematic areas of the call are: health (e.g. epidemiology); biotechnology including biodiversity; environmental research with emphasis on environmental technologies, energy, water, climate and marine research; engineering (e.g. manufacturing, architecture, logistics), information and communication technologies.


RUFORUM call for papers 2013: 'Tertiary agricultural education and smallholder farming'

Deadline: 31 July 2013  The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM: see is keen to document case studies where institutions and individual actors could share their experiences of working downstream with farmers; what are some of the lessons and skill mix that universities would need to take into account in terms of strengthening their academic programmes to produce graduates with a blend of necessary skills and competences that will facilitate change processes at community level. Further, what institutional arrangements need to be addressed to more effectively reach smallholders to enable them improve their agricultural productivity and enterprises?  


Comparative Research Networks: call for proposals for 2013

Comparative Research Networks: call for proposals for 2013 Deadline: 31 May 2013  CODESRIA invites proposals from researchers based in African universities and centres of research for the constitution of Comparative Research Networks (CRNs) to undertake studies on or around any of the themes identified as priority research themes: Higher education and ICTs; Climate change and natural resources; Gender and youth; etc. More information.


‘Improving Nutrition Outcomes through Optimized Agricultural Interventions´: Request for Letter of Interest

‘Improving Nutrition Outcomes through Optimized Agricultural Interventions´: Request for Letter of Interest Deadline: 7 June 2013  The Gates Foundation announced a new funding opportunity for the development of a consortium with both agricultural and nutrition expertise to optimize nutrition outcomes from investments in agriculture. More information.


Intra-ACP academic mobility scheme 2013

Intra-ACP academic mobility scheme 2013 Deadline: 10 June 2013  The third Call for Proposals under the Intra-ACP academic mobility scheme was launched. The general objective of the programme is to promote sustainable development and poverty alleviation by increasing the availability of trained and qualified high-level professional manpower in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. More information