Knowledge for Development


Date: 02/06/2009


This website supports the policy dialogue on S&T for agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. It enables the ACP scientific community - primarily agricultural research and development scientists and technologists, policy makers, farmers and other stakeholders and actors - to share and review results of national and regional efforts and collaborate to harness science and technology for the development of agriculture in their countries.

For most ACP countries, the agricultural sector is a vital source of food, employment and income-generating activities and hence the engine of their economy. Over the centuries, technology has been a catalyst for developments in this sector and the lack of it, one of the principal causes of impoverishment. Therefore, Science and Technology (S&T) for agriculture, both 'traditional' and 'modern', are of considerable importance to the economies of most ACP countries. CTA has made a point of strengthening and expanding its current efforts to promote an ACP and an ACP-EU policy dialogue on S&T for ACP agriculture.

This website seeks to provide information:

  • To promote dialogue and facilitate exchange among ACP stakeholders and between the ACP and EU communities on S&T issues to enhance policy formulation and implementation.
  • To raise awareness of relevant S&T developments and their implications for ACP agriculture to facilitate priority setting and the preparation and execution of demand-led national and regional research agendas.
  • To support ACP countries in their efforts to develop indigenous knowledge systems, enhance research capacity and transform technological innovation systems for attaining sustainable agricultural production and enhancing competitiveness; and
  • To provide information on related S&T issues, programmes and institutions.

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