Knowledge for Development

Fish aggregation devices: An analysis of use, profitability and shared governance in the Caribbean


Date: 27/11/2014


A fishing trip analysis shows that catch and profitability are higher when public fish aggregation devices (FADs) are managed privately or by small groups and access to the aggregated fisheries resources is somewhat restricted. In partnership with Counterpart International, the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, the Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Fisheries Divisions and the Florida Sea Grant collected information from fishermen on their use of FADs that were deployed privately, by small groups or by the government. This allowed for a determination of governance arrangements that were most profitable and provided input to stakeholder meetings with FAD fishers to identify best practices for sustainably using and co-managing FADs. An engagement strategy that introduced an activity planner as a best practice to increase information sharing helped strengthen the rapport between government and fisheries stakeholders.   

(CRFM, 07/10/2014)

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