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Coping with climate change: The role of genetic resources for food and agriculture


Date: 10/03/2015


Genetic resources have a critical role to play in feeding the world, especially as climate change advances faster than expected, and much more needs to be done to study, preserve and utilize the biological diversity that underpins world food production. In this new book published by the FAO the authors argue that that the ability of plants and animals raised by farmers to withstand volatile conditions and adapt when the environment changes is a direct result of their genetic diversity. However, stronger efforts are needed to study and use this diversity as a coping mechanism, and to develop policies to support it. In particular, improving knowledge, conservation and use of crop wild relatives is important. They are likely to have genetic traits that can be used to develop well-adapted crops for use in climate change-affected food systems. (Rural 21, 03/02/2015)

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