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Novel plant bio-resources: Applications in food, medicine and cosmetics


Date: 30/06/2014


Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is the editor of a book entitled Novel Plant Bioresources: Applications in Food, Medicine and Cosmetics, recently published by John Wiley & Son. The book serves as the definitive source of information on under-utilised plant species, and fills a key niche in the understanding of the relationship of human beings with under-utilised plants. After an introductory section which sets the scene with an overview of the historical and legislative importance of under-utilised plants, the main four parts of the book are dedicated to the diverse potential application of novel plant bioresources in food, medicine, ethno-veterinary medicine and cosmetics. Examples and contributors are drawn from Africa, Europe, the USA and Asia. The economic, social, and cultural aspects of under-utilised plant species are addressed, and the book provides a much needed boost to the on-going effort to focus attention on under-utilised plant species and conservation initiatives. By focusing on novel plants and the agenda for sustainable utilisation, Novel Plant Bioresources highlights key issues relevant to under-utilised plant genetic resources, and brings together international scholars on this important topic.   

(Wiley-Blackwell, 04/2014)   

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