Knowledge for Development

New dossier: dryland agriculture

Date: 11/02/2007


The United Nations declared 2006 as the International Year of Deserts and Desertification. The UN General Assembly was deeply concerned about the exacerbation of desertification, particularly in Africa. In recognition of this challenge facing the African continent, and given that several of the affected countries comprise one of the key constituents of the ACP Group of States, CTA commissioned this new dossier on drylands. The information presented therein will also complement the strategic partnership that CTA embarked on at the beginning of January 2007 with international, regional and national partners to implement an EU funded international cooperation project (INCO) project under the 6th EDF programme which aims to identify success stories on Agricultural Innovations in Dryland Africa (AIDA) to determine the drivers of success.

This dossier provides two lead articles; one by Dr Wellington Ekaya of the University of Nairobi, Kenya and the other by Dr Mary Tiffen of the UK. Both authors highlight the need for researchers to be more innovative in their approach to conducting research in dryland communities by building partnerships with the indigenous farming communities and drawing on their knowledge to ensure successful interventions that can benefit society. The web links guide you to a range of resources within the ACP, EU and internationally from which lessons can be drawn to support further research and policy interventions. Read this new dossier .